Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Successful Identity and Access Management (IAM) projects are characterised by well thought-out objectives, appropriate conceptual foundations and realistic implementation packages. Analysis, design, planning and management of IAM projects are among our core competencies as experienced consultants. Our advice is always product-neutral - we help you find the best solution for your organisation. We support you with tailor-made solutions based on our many years of experience in the implementation of IAM projects and the use of proven methods and concepts.

IAM as a cornerstone of security

Managing identities and users with their authorisations and authentication elements (credentials) is a challenge for every large organisation. However, successful identity and access management also offers opportunities and is an important foundation for ensuring security in an organisation. In particular, an appropriate and well-implemented IAM can achieve the following

  • Ensure centralised governance of identities, authorisations, accounts and credentials with regulated and consistent processes
  • Ensure transparency and traceability of accounts and authorisations
  • Ensure optimal time to market (use of new services, including in the cloud), flexibility and sustainability by implementing concepts such as RBAC, ABAC, risk-based authentication, anomaly detection, identity risk management, inbound and outbound federation.
  • Ensure cost savings through efficient management of identities, authorisations, accounts and credentials by automating and preventing functional and service failures.

Temet IAM Framework

The Temet IAM Framework was developed by us on the basis of several successfully implemented customer projects in the area of Identity and Access Management and covers all essential areas of IAM:

  • IAM reference model
  • IAM architecture / big picture
  • IAM principles and specifications
  • IAM concept inclluding RBAC role model and governance
  • IAM processes including AKV and business object model (BOM)
  • IAM user stories

The framework is used by our IAM consultants as the basis for successful IAM projects and is always adapted to the needs of the customer in the specific project. Thanks to our many years of experience in this area, we are able to quickly assess an organisation’s IAM and redirect it together with the customer. The IAM framework has also proved its worth for assessments and scope definitions.

Customer benefits

On the basis of a professionally conducted IAM assessment, we are able to quickly provide appropriate recommendations for IAM optimisation, carry out well-founded and realistic planning, and support our customers in the implementation of an IAM programme. We know the stumbling blocks and success factors of IAM projects from our experience in various client engagements. We know that technology is often only a small part of a successful IAM project: processes, internal regulations, but also tasks, competencies and responsibilities that need to be redefined across the entire organisation require careful and long-term planning to ensure that IAM can be developed successfully. As part of the implementation of an IAM project, we are used to evaluating suitable suppliers, products and solutions for our customers or building on existing solutions. We use our technical expertise to help our customers turn the conceptual foundations of an IAM project into reality. Whether in the role of IAM Business Analyst, IAM Architect or IAM Specialist, we will support you from the initial assessment to the successful implementation of your identity and access management.